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Ayurvedic Cooking

The dishes you find here will introduce you in a practical way to the Ayurvedic science of tastes and qualities for health and healing. I also have a number of Ayurvedic boards on Pinterest – Ayurveda Peaceful Belly, and an ayurvedic simple living feed with lots of food ideas on Instagram – ayurvedapeacefulbelly.

These recipes are seasonal, sustainable, simple, nourishing and nurturing. There are recipes for the different dosha’s, and recipes to cleanse. If you currently have digestive issues check out the page on digestion.

Before returning from my gap years and retraining I worked in sustainability with community gardening a large part of that. This is why one third of the royalties from the “Your Peaceful Belly”  book will be going to Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming I’d love to connect my work with community kitchens and community food growers, passing on all I’ve been learning about Ayurvedic food in gift, and celebrate your project in a post where I’ll give the Ayurvedic lowdown on what you’re growing or cooking. Get in touch if you’re interested.