I post recipes for the different Ayurvedic constitutions on the Peaceful Belly Kitchen page, or you can follow the recipes on Instagram (@ayurvedapeacrfulbelly) and Pinterest (Ayurveda Peaceful Belly). There are also posts to show you how to prep for a busy life, making it easy to pull the recipe ideas together. If you currently have digestive issues check out the page on digestion.

Ayurveda advises always eating fresh food, this is because as soon as it is picked it starts to decay and cooked food will loose its health-giving properties quickly. But it isn’t always possible to be purist and so I take the view that you just need to do the best you can. Ayurveda developed in a culture that was hot and there were no fridges. Sometimes my recipes and posts will suggest cooking a batch of, for instance rice, or doing some food prep to go in the fridge, in order to make Ayurveda possible for people with families or a busy work life.

You don’t need very much to produce tasty Ayurvedic food that will keep you well, I have a tiny kitchen with hardly any worktop space and limited funds, so most of the recipes I make are incredibly cheap and simple.

If you grow most of your ingredients it’s even cheaper and healthier! Even 1 metre square can produce food or you can grow in pots and grow bags. While I was working with a housing association we grew lots of pizza pots of tomatoes, onions and basil, or any other vegetable people wanted for their toppings, the end result was cheaper than any pizza you can buy, and loads of fun to produce.

For Ayurveda food is what we take in through all our senses. If we struggle to metabolise what we bring into our body and mind through our senses and food choices, our digestion can become compromised. This creates the conditions for disease to thrive. So while food has a huge impact, we need to apply the science of food to our life choices as well, if we want to maintain a healthy life.

The Your Peaceful Belly book explains this in detail, and sets out a plan for your healthcare.

It takes time to create the conditions for disease. If we consistently eat foods that stress out our constitution, or live a life that does this, over time we become ill and unhappy. But it doesn’t have to be this way!