Pasta balances Vata and Pitta doshas but can unbalance Kapha dosha. It has the sweet taste and heavy, moist qualities. Sweet taste is made from the earth and water elements coming together and so is Kapha dosha. The Ayurvedic approach to health is all about keeping your constitution in balance, because once it goes out of balance, symptoms of dis-ease will occur, which if left unchecked will begin to create the conditions where disease will flourish.

So, if you are a Kapha type you have a lot of the earth and water elements (the whole physical universe is made up of the elements including you, me and the food we eat) and you need to eat less of the foods that contain these in order to live in balance with your constitution.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pasta meals! You can eat smaller quantities occasionally when you are feeling well, or you can use some of the new pastas using different ingredients to wheat, for instance legumes and rice.

Instead of heavy cheese sauces opt for light, warm vegan ones.

If you have a family with different constitutional needs, on pasta day you could knock up two different pastas, and a basic sauce that people add their own extras to.

Earlier this year I went on a pasta-making course with Gennaro Contaldo – best Christmas present – and I learnt that in Italy they rarely eat large quantities of pasta, the pasta portions for a Mediterranean diet are small!

So don’t think that if you are Kapha type you can never enjoy pasta.