Coming into the Day with Ayurveda

For Ayurveda establishing a healthy routine to your day is really important – it helps your constitution to stay in balance, supports healthy digestion, and regulates your biological clock. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

1. The best time to begin your day is just before sunrise. This is a sattvic time of day that is filled with peaceful, fresh, loving qualities for your senses to feast upon. If this is too early for you try to get up between 6 am and 7 am – a regular early morning start is the first step to setting your biological clock.

2. Splash your face with cold water, clean your teeth, scrape your tongue and gargle with some sesame oil and massage your gums with oil too. Scraping your tongue gets rid of the bacteria that gather on the tongue while you are asleep, which supports your immune system – there are lots of tongue scrapers online. The Ayurvedic term for gargling with sesame oil is ‘kavala’. It is used as a therapy to strengthen your teeth, gums, jaw and improve your voice.

3. Carry out nasya – a few drops of sesame oil, liquid ghee or medicated oil into each nostril as you lie on your bed with your head slightly but comfortably tilted backwards. This therapy balances all the doshas; relieves tension in the head; soothes the nasal passages and helps with congestion; supports the vocal cords, mental clarity and vision; relieves stress; acts as a barrier between the external environment and the brain.

4. Drink a mug of room temperature water from a copper mug you filled the night before – the copper transfers antibacterial properties to the water and alkalises it (Alkaline water is said to improve metabolism and digestion, increase energy and slow ageing). The reason for drinking a mug of water is to flush the kidneys, wash through the digestive tract and stimulate peristalsis. 

5. Take a shower or bath, preceded by Abhyanga (self-massage) if you are carrying out a cleanse.

6. Settle into calm abiding meditation.

7. Breakfast for your constitution.

This may sound like a lot – it would have felt overwhelming to me when my children were young, but if you just incorporate one thing into your early morning at a time, you will soon get into the rhythm of this routine and it can become second nature – you’ll end up moving through your day feeling on top of life.