5 Things You Can do for Your Digestion

A healthy digestion is the basis of an Ayurvedic approach to health. After just 3 months of following an Ayurvedic map for healing, all the digestive issues and accompanying symptoms that had plagued me for 15 years were gone, and my immune system became strong again.

For Ayurveda, making food and life choices that allow you to live in balance with your nature will support your digestion, allowing you to maintain and when necessary, recreate the conditions that lead to good health.

When our physical, emotional or mental states start sending signals to say things are not as they should be (system feedback loop), we can respond by listening and changing the choices that are causing the problems. Being mindful of our digestion is a great way of noticing when changes are needed, because so often it is one of the first ways in which our body signals to us that something is wrong. This process is a constant flow in relation to the changing context of our lives… – Your Peaceful Belly

Here are 5 easy things you can do to begin supporting your digestion:

1. Eat to a daily rhythm

2. Have your biggest meal at lunchtime, second largest for breakfast and smallest for supper 3-4 hours before you got to bed

3. Eat for your constitution

4. Have a little finely grated ginger with some lemon juice squeezed over it a few minutes before eating

5. Eat in a calm environment

These 5 tips make a good foundation to begin caring for your digestion.